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Carmen Electra’s Movie Roles

Carmen Electra appeared on 2000 in a short subject, The Great White Dope. From a short subject, she jumped into a major hit, Scary Movie. Inthe horror movie-spoof of the irrepressible Wayan Brothers, she was Drew Decker, spoofed from Casey Becker, who was killed in Scream’s prologue scene. Her stint in Baywatch was alluded to – running away from the psychotic killer in her bikini, she ran through the sprinklers in slow motion, with sexy poses to boot.

That same year Electra appeared in a comedy-documentary – Welcome to Hollywood. Directed by Tony Markes and Adam Rifkin, it tells of the adventure of a director (Rifkin) who decided to chart the course of a young man (Markes) trying to make it into Tinseltown. He tried out his luck in Baywatch as by-stander, where he met Electra.

She was Treasure in the rom-com Sol Goode, directed by Danny Comden. Sol is a charismatic L.A. hipster relying on his charm to get on by. His life took a terrible turn when he found himself homeless, jobless, and car-less. Electra has a few choice scenes that would leave you wishing she were used more.
Directed by Michael Rymer and Hunter Carson in 2001, she was Simone in Perfume. It showed the lives of a group of New York fashion designers, models, photographers, and their executives in a collision course.
Based loosely on Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Get Over It was about popular high school basketball star Berke losing it all after being dumped by his girlfriend. Aided by his best friend’s sister, a love triangle ensues. Directed by Tommy O’Haver, she was Mistress Moira in the musical rom-com.
She appeared next as Audrey in the dark comedy Rent Control, directed by David Eric Brenner. It talked of the struggles of Holly and Calvin in maintaining control of the apartments of the old woman who they discovered to have OD’d on diet pills.

Directed by Sam Henry Kass, she appeared in Naked Movie as herself, before appearing in the black comedy-action Whacked. Adopted brothers Mark and Tony found themselves pursued by mobsters and government agents when a government embezzlement scheme was uncovered. Their only allies are the mob boss and childhood friend Laura (Electra). Directed by James Bruce.

She next appeared as a Celebrity in the comedy-drama Uptown Girls, directed by Boaz Yakin in 2003. She had a small part in My Boss’s Daughter, directed by David Zucker in 2003. Tina (Electra) was given a breast exam by Tom, the lead playing house-sitter to his boss.
In 2004 she appeared in the wildly popular comedy-action film Starsky & Hutch – a spoof remake of the original TV series – directed by Todd Phillips. Set in the 70s, she played as Staci, Hutch’s girlfriend.

Playing as herself again in Mr. 3000  – a comedy baseball story – she was a  guest in the Tonight Show. Next is Max Havoc: Curse of the Dragon, a 2004 action film directed by Albert Pyun set in Guam. Electra appeared as Debbie.


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