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The Controversies Surrounding Carmen Electra

The word controversial does not even begin to describe the stories that surround sexy goddess Carmen Electra. Ever since her appearance in a 1996 Playboy magazine issue, it would seem that controversy would attach to her like a magnet.

Dennis Rodman

Her much publicized on and off relationship with Dennis Rodman was a real test of fire. Stories involving the couple included her nine-day marriage to the notorious basketball star in Las Vegas in 1997. The ceremony was supposedly arranged by Carmen while they were both drunk.  Carmen insisted that they were both in love at that time, but conceded that the relationship did not work out because they were both crazy and unstable. It was during this time when Carmen’s mother succumbed to cancer. Her relationship with Dennis was the one thing that allowed her to feel anything else but loss and sadness.

Tommy Lee & Pamela Anderson

In the middle of her unsettling relationship with Dennis Rodman, Carmen reportedly caught him in the arms of other women. In retaliation, Carmen was said to have engaged in a fling of her own --- that with drummer and rock star Tommy Lee, erstwhile ex-husband of her Baywatch co-star Pamela Anderson Lee.  This situation brought Carmen in the middle of yet another controversy as Pamela Anderson reportedly confronted the sexy siren of her indecencies.


Following her doomed relationship with Tommy Lee, Carmen decided to get back together with former lover Dennis Rodman. In 1999, while vacationing in a hotel in Miami Beach, the couple reportedly got into a big, ferocious argument. They were arrested and charged for domestic violence and battery and was ordered to post a $2,500 bond. The judge also ordered the ex-couple from contacting each other.

Dave Navarro

In August of 2001, Dave Navarro of the Red Hot Chili Peppers proposed marriage to the sultry actress. The preparation leading to the marriage ceremony held in 1993 was documented via a reality TV show called Til Death Do Us Part which was aired on MTV. Sadly, after three years of marriage, the couple recently split citing irreconcilable differences. It was rumoured that Dave Navarro carried an affair with several other women during their marriage. Carmen has officially filed for divorce last August 2006 and is said to be currently dating Oscar winner Jamie Foxx.

Other Controversies

In 2002, a very obsessed Carmen Electra fan shocked the performer when he appeared in her hotel room impersonating a TV network executive. The stalker did not do any threatening harm towards the actress when his disguise was immediately discovered, but this left the actress distressed over that experience.

In 2003, appearing for jury duty at a Los Angeles courthouse, Carmen was immediately asked to be relieved of her civic duties because she effectively caused a distraction. Fans and star struck female members of the jury reportedly persisted for Carmen to call their husbands and boyfriends. The situation turned the courthouse’s serious atmosphere into frenzy so the judge decided to let her go the next day.

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